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Apples 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits . Web  Here are the nutrition facts for one raw, unpeeled, medium-sized apple (100 grams): Calories: 52; Water: 86%; Protein: 0.3 grams; Carbs: 13.8 grams; Sugar: 10.4 grams; Fiber: 2.4 grams; Fat: 0.2... Apples 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits from Web4 rows  Apple, raw contains 0 g of saturated fat and 0 mg of cholesterol per serving. 125 g of Apple,. Source: WebApples With skin Find on Amazon Percent calories from... Quick stats 94.6 Calories 25.1g Carbs (20.8g net carbs) 0.3g Fat 0.5g Protein Estimated $0.40 I want to eat calories in Note: Any items purchased after clicking. Source: Web  There are 95 calories in Apple Raw. protein0.5g carbs25g fat0.3g 95calories Nutrition Facts Apple Raw Serving Size: 1 medium (3″ dia) (182ggrams) Amou

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How drinking celery juice daily decreases inflammation. . Web  Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice Daily Anti-inflammatory due to it’s ability to starve the pathogens within the body that cause inflammation, disease, &... Detoxes the kidneys & adrenals Balances pH levels Supports. How drinking celery juice daily decreases inflammation. from WebCelery juice is a powerful anti-inflammatory food Celery juice has significant anti-inflammatory properties making it highly beneficial for those who suffer from autoimmune conditions. Source: Web  In this way, celery treats bladder infections, reduces inflammation, and helps digestion. 8. It helps weight loss. When trying to lose excess weight, celery is the ideal snack, as it is packed with fiber which will. Source: Web  Fortunately, drinking celery juice every